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Published : May 12, 2023|7 mins read

Hemanth Kumar

Google I/O 2023 Keynote: Making AI more helpful for everyone

In case you missed it, Google has made some exciting announcements attheir recent developer conference, I/O 2023. During the keynote, Googleunveiled a range of new features and tools that demonstrate thepotential of #AI to enhance our daily experiences. From improvements to#Gmail to #GoogleMaps to AI-powered photo editing and text rewriting,there's a lot to be excited about. Let me summarise the keyhighlights from the event. Let's dive in!...

Published : April 25, 2023|4 mins read

Hemanth Kumar

Implementing a Product vs. Platform

Today, technology has paved a way for enormous business growth andcurated digital experience platforms in every way possible. The twopopular and trending business ideas triggered by the chan...

Published : Nov 02, 2020|5 mins read

Hemanth Kumar

Digital payments get Fintech push

Riding on UPI, more people are taking on digital payments, and althoughIndia has a long way to catch the leaders, its growth is only next toChina. UPI has brought a big change in peer to pe...

Published : Jul 26, 2019|3 mins read

Hemanth Kumar

eCommerce for the next generation kids

Even with the emergence of multiple eCommerce sites in India, theoptions to buy things for kids from remain low. While a few nicheportals like FirstCry, Mom&Me, Hopscotch exist, horizontal m...

Published : May 20, 2019|6 mins read

Hemanth Kumar

Why Time Tracking is Important?

You have most likely heard this before - remember your time tracking! Maybe you wonder why? Time tracking is equally important to everybody in an organization, or society, in general. Whethe...

Published : Dec 03, 2018|5 mins read

Hemanth Kumar

Customer Experience through chat tools and Expedia launches a chat tool, a chat communicationservice that allows its millions of users to interact more easily with the hotels before and after their stays....

Published : Nov 05, 2018|7 mins read

Hemanth Kumar

Creditworthiness of SMEs'​ Business

In banking, assessing the credit risk of small and medium size companies (SMEs) is one of the most challenging tasks. The difficulties stem from fragmented financial data, length of the proc...

Published : May 20, 2019|3 mins read

Hemanth Kumar

Why Talent Assessment matters?

Remember the old adage, “what gets measured, gets done?”. Well, whatdoes not get measured may still be getting done in your organization aswell. Unfortunately, it may not be what you want do...

Published : Oct 30, 2018|5 mins read

Hemanth Kumar

Why does your business need a CRM?

A technology & system that sustains sales, marketing & customer serviceactivities. It is designed to capture & interpret customer data, bothstructured & unstructured, & to sustain the manage...

Published : May 15, 2018|6 mins read

Hemanth Kumar

Artificial Intelligence in Security Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI), or Machine learning as it is commonlyreferred, is one of the hottest technologies that is changing in theworld today. From diagnostic applications in healthcare...

Published : Sep 05, 2017|4 mins read

Hemanth Kumar

Why to invest in Employee training?

In the last 10 years, there has been a multitude of changes intechnology. An organization cannot produce or sell products or servicesif its employees do not maintain the appropriate skills t...