Experience Design Workshop

Build a Roadmap to Start Your Digital Transformation Journey

Who Is this Workshop For?

We live in a digital age and companies must find innovative ways to leverage modern technologies to compete and win in their marketplace. Framing a sound digital strategy is the first thing you must do to start your digital transformation journey.

This workshop is for business executives who are aware of the potential impact technology can make in their industry and company but may not have answers to some key questions: In which areas of the business should we make the investments? How much investments? How do we become a more customer-centric business? How can we make our operations more efficient? Which technologies should we invest in?

These are critical questions that forward-looking businesses must be asking. In a nutshell, this is the value of our Digital Strategy Workshop. It’s a short, collaborative engagement where Maticsworks runs facilitated workshops with your executive team to help build a roadmap to start your digital transformation journey.

Making one-off digital investments without a sound strategy can be very expensive in terms of wasted resources, lost time, and ROI. You must start your digital transformation journey with a cohesive digital strategy!

About the Workshop

Format & Duration

  • 2-3 Days of in-person workshops at client location
  • 2-3 Days of offline collaboration over email and web conference


  • CxOs (CEO, CFO, CIO, CTO, COO)
  • Middle Management (VPs, Directors)
  • Customer-Facing Teams
  • Subject Matter Experts

“If you’re building modern software products and you care about speed-to-market and software quality, then you must take a look at Maticsworks, we’re glad we did.”

Abhishek Reddy



What will you get?


Deep Understanding of Your Customers

Your team will develop a deep understanding of your customers, beyond the sterile definitions of the common market segments based on demographics. Instead, your team will understand where your products and services fit into your customers eco-system as they attempt to make progress in their lives.


Customer Journey Map

We will develop Customer Journey Maps so you can understand how your customers actually experience your company and build empathy with their needs. This includes mapping information, interactions and outcomes your customers care about across multiple channels (web, call centers, mobile, etc.) and their emotions as they make this journey.


Service Blueprint

Next, we will map the interactions between the customer-facing activities and the backstage operational processes to uncover issues/gaps that impact your customers' experience.


Ideas to Improve Customer Experience

Armed with insights about customer-facing activities and your internal operations, the team will come up with ideas to improve the overall customer experience.We will then prioritize these ideas based on customer impact, business value, effort, cost, and risks to uncover the most impactful ideas.