Product Definition and Planning workshop

Jump-Start a New Software Development Project with this Collaborative Workshop.

Who Is this Workshop For?

If you're planning to start a new project, whether building a new product or modernizing a legacy application then this workshop is for you! This workshop help teams answer many key questions that executives have before they can sponsor the project. For example, what to build, for whom and why? How long will it take? What resources will you need? How much will it cost? What can you expect the returns on investment (ROI)?

Sometimes teams are tempted to take shortcuts and jump straight into building software because it can be hard to answer these initial questions. This eventually leads to cost overruns, delayed projects, and frustrated teams.

What teams need is a structured approach that will align team members on a common vision of success and provide executives the proof that the project is a good investment.

In a nutshell, this is the value of our Product Definition and Planning Workshop. It's a short, collaborative engagement where Maticsworks runs facilitated workshops with your team members to frame the project charter, uncover real user needs, build an initial product backlog, and estimate the resource, time, and capital commitments required to build the software.

At the end of this process you will have a clear product charter, and a team that is aligned to a common definition of success. That's when you're ready to get started! Ready to start the workshop?

Project teams need a structured approach to find and assemble the information that executives need to invest in a software project.

About the Workshop

Format & Duration

  • 2-3 Days of in-person workshops at client location
  • 2-3 Days of offline collaboration over email and web conference


  • Project Sponsor
  • Product Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Technical Architects

What will you get?


Product Vision

Align your team with a common definition of success by answering: Why are we doing this project? How will it help our business? What problems will we attempt to solve, for whom, and why?


User Story Maps & Product Backlog

Develop a product backlog that captures your users’ journey, how they get their jobs done, and uncover the key outcomes that are important to them.


Release Plan

Create a release plan by slicing your story map into releases and map the outcomes that each release enables for your users. This will ensure that your team adopts a user-centered mindset and always remain focused on the user outcomes.


Project Estimates

Develop effort, time, and resource estimates to design and develop the software. We use an estimation methodology and a proprietary software that we've built for early stage estimation.


Product Roadmap

A product roadmap that identifies the key initiatives, work items, and milestones that will help your team achieve the product charter.


Hypothesis & Project Risks

A list of market, functional, and technical risks, which if not mitigated, can derail product success. This will enable your team to focus on mitigating the risks early and often in the project.


Financial Business Case

For companies with formal investment approval processes, we'll put together a financial business case that will help your executives make sound business investments in technology.