Product Development Service

Build User-Centered Software that Delivers Business Outcomes.

When Is Maticsworks Right For You?

Our Product Development Services can help you through the entire software life-cycle — from idea to launch. Whether you’re building new software product or modernizing legacy applications, Maticsworks can help. Here are the core benefits you will get through working with us:


Deliver outcomes not output

If outputs refers to what was produced (features/functions), then outcomes describe the impact (improved efficiency, higher profits) that was made because of the underlying activities. At ProductStack, we don't build software, we deliver business outcomes for our clients. This mantra forces us to focus on the business metrics that matters for your business and then leverage technology to influence them.


Develop software that users will love

Software must empower users, both employees and customers, to do their jobs faster, better, and/or at a lower cost. That's why we use a human-centered design to ensure that the users’ goals are at the forefront of every design decision we make. Through user research, prototyping, and usability testing, we ensure that the software will not only meet the needs of your users but will also delight them.


High-Quality Software, Faster

We have refined our approach to eliminate waste associated with conventional approaches, which coupled with our code generation capabilities, leads to much faster time-to-market and higher quality than conventional approaches

Product Management

Our product management discipline brings you a structured approach for discovering the right product to build, so you can achieve your business objectives.

Opportunity Assessment

Product Vision & Strategy

Business Case

Product Roadmap

Backlog Management

Product Specifications

User Experience

Our user experience practice brings you a step-by-step approach to designing usable and engaging digital experiences.

User Research

Persona Development


Interaction Design

Visual Design

Usability Testing

Software Engineering

We understand that Technical Debt can derail the success of even the best-designed software. That's why our teams bring rigorous and comprehensive engineering practices to help you develop the highest-quality software.

Architecture Design

Technology Selection

UI Development

API Design & Development



Agile Project Management

Modern software development is a multi-disciplinary process that requires successful collaboration between product management, user experience, and engineering. Our project managers ensure alignment between all teams by planning, executing, and tracking your projects.

Stakeholder Management

Product Estimation

Release Planning

Spring Planning & Tracking

Risks & Issues Management

Resource Management